The tools that tick this category of use are those that may facilitate the on-line, cloud storage of multiple types of files (text, multimedia, presentations, etc.) that teachers and students may want to share with each other, which their primary way of utilisation, or so as to have their personal cloud storage space that will enable easy mobility between devices.

Some examples of the use of such tools as part of school activities are:

  • students have a shared folders to where they upload the photos, they want to include in the presentation they have to develop for their music class for the classical music era
  • the biology teacher has shared a video of how to grow a lentil plan in a cup and students have to upload their own edited video of the 1-month period that they grew a lentil plant in their house
  • the history teacher shares 4 photos of Roman statues and asks students to develop a comic page with these images telling a story of the Roman times as they would imagine such a story to be like