School's Digital Readiness Certification

Certification Process

1. Interested schools must express their intent to participate in the self-assessment process by submitting a Google Form accessed through a Newsletter, flyer, or website.

2. The self-assessment process will be completed by answering the Self-Evaluation criteria.

3. The scoring system for the self-assessment process is as follows: The Teacher/Headmaster completing the self-evaluation will calculate the average score per category.

     i) If the result is a score less than 3.5 in any category, the school will be deemed to have failed the assessment and will be required to review Intellectual Output 1 & Intellectual Output 2 before retaking the self-evaluation, along with providing an explanation for the low score.

     ii) If the average score is above 3.5 in all categories, the school will be considered fully equipped and ready to receive certification.

4. Through the self-assessment process, the school will be able to identify its weaknesses based on the evaluation criteria. Any average score lower than 3.5 will be considered an indication that improvement is needed.

5. The school will be required to submit the results of the self-assessment, along with any required evidence, to the internal ETRe evaluation committee.

6. The internal ETRe evaluation committee may invite the school to participate in a short online interview before confirming certification.

7. If the initial self-assessment indicates that the school does not require improvement (average score of 3.5 or higher), the school may apply directly for full certification (valid for 2 years) by submitting the results of the self-assessment along with concrete evidence.

8. If the initial self-assessment indicates that the school requires improvement (average score lower than 3.5), the school will be required to repeat the self-assessment after a minimum of 3 months from the submission of Stage 1, and submit the results along with an evidence-based improvement report. The improvement must be accompanied by evidence of concrete changes.

9. The consortium will evaluate the application and make a decision on granting certification.

     • Level 1: Results of self-assessment, plan of Action (if needed), concrete evidence.

     • Level 2: Results of self-assessment, improvement report with evidence of concrete changes.

Application for the ETRe Certification