Output 1 insight and progress

last update: 15 November of 2021

The purpose of this post is to inform the audience of the completed and ongoing project activities that relate to the progress of the ETRe project’s 1st Output “Development of a competence framework to facilitate a swift to a distance/hybrid learning model“.


ased on existing competence frameworks, some of which explored during the preparation phase of the proposal by partners. More specifically, partners decided that the competence frameworks that will be utilise in order to form the basis of the framework are DigiComp2.1, Microsoft’s, DQ, Unesco’s, DigiCompEdu, and P21 Framework.

After partners analysed the frameworks and formed the basis of the framework of competence that will enable school decision makers and staff to effectively facilitate and be key players when the need of a transition to a distance/hybrid model occurs, partners with the help of small Focus Groups of 4-5 professionals (teachers, teacher educators, school principals, technology experts, etc.) will point out the sets of key competences that are thought to play a major factor in the success of such a transition.

The Focus Groups will utilize their knowledge from the recent COVID-19 situation when they were asked to implement a distance/hybrid learning model and set everything up in a matter of days.

Finally, partners will put together the information and knowledge derived from the early phase of Output 1, to deliver a complete competence framework, in a suitable for the educational community form, that will facilitate its use by schools seeking to professionally develop key personnel (teachers, technicians, decision makers, etc.) to handle future cases of a rapid transition to distance/hybrid learning.


Analysation of the chosen Competence Frameworks

The 6 competence frameworks that were analysed were:

  • DigiComp2.1
  • UNESCO: Digital Literacy Global Framework Competences
  • Microsoft’s 21st century learning skills
  • DigiCompEdu
  • DQ Competence Framework
  • 21st P Information Media and Technology skills

More information on the analysis may be found in this post.

The tasks of this set of activities have been concluded in July 2021.

Organisation and Realisation of Focus Groups

Partners are currently planning and implementing the focus groups with education experts in their countries (UK, CY, PL, IT, BG, RNM) which are scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2021.

UK Focus Group (11/11/2021)

The main purpose of the focus groups, is to present the analysis of the competence frameworks to the education experts and record their valuable feedback to be utilised as input for the development of the project’s Competence Framework for teachers that are ready to respond to a transition from a physical learning space to an on-line environment.

Conclusion of the Output

The results of previous Output 1 activities will be utilised to develop the final Competence Framework for teachers, while finalising the Output 1 report, and most importantly concluding the production of an easy-to-use representation of the framework, suitable for the targeted audience, teachers.

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