Output 2
Set of digital cloud tools and guidance on the digitalisation of the educational content to facilitate the learning process

Project Result Description

During the activities carried out for Output 2, partners will explore the existing, openly available to users, digital and cloud tools, develop a guide that will enable schools and teachers to digitilise their learning content and be able to provide it to students and how to optimally approach this process under time pressure and, finally, provide the information and results of the exploration of digital cloud tools, their pros and cons, comparisons between them, grouping relating to their use (storage, collaboration, communication, etc.) in a form that will be helpful to schools’ decision makers and teachers when choosing the resources they will use to implement a digital distance/hybrid model.

To achieve this target, the project will develop infographics that will contain an adequate amount of information and in parallel enable the reader to go through the information in a fast and easy way as decisions will have to be made under time-pressure. Schools from partners’ networks (e.g. Doukas School from Athens, Greece) will provide feed-back on the guide and infographics.

In terms of innovation, the output will offer the educational community with the necessary information and guidance (procedures) to rapidly:

  • digitalise the educational content needed to implement a distance/hybrid model,
  • make decisions on the set of categories of tools needed to support the learning process (cloud storage, on-line collaboration tools, communication tools, etc.),
  • choose upon a set of available digital cloud tools based on information presented in an easy-to-comprehend way.
    Its transnationality lies in the fact that the set of tools are common for all countries and in their majority support local languages and in the fact that the guide will describe the procedures and overall way of working when digitalising the educational content making it applicable in all EU educational systems.

Project Result Implementation Period

Start date: October 2021
End date: September 2022