School of the Future International Academy

SoFIA’s website

SoFIA envisions a world where education supports every student to achieve his/her dreams and goals through its continuous evolvement and transformation  

SoFIA is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation which supports educational organisations to achieve excellent academic and operational results by using a unique, carefully designed, awarded and certified education and administration model. Our work is concentrated in three pillars:


We organise consulting and mentoring sessions for school leaders and teachers in an effort to help them develop professionally.
We assist them in solving everyday problems they face in their institutions.


We train teachers and educational stakeholders in the 21st century skills required in order to face the challenges of the digital era in education.
We also act as a hub in order to communicate problems and solutions to the problems that educational institutions face.



We believe in the power of teams! We work with institutions and organisations that share the same vision with us and we collaboratively try to assist schools in their effort to provide the future generation with the best quality of education.