AMETA’s website

The Association for European education and mobility AMETA Veles is a nonprofit and non-governmental association of citizens, which promotes and supports educational processes in society through organization of workshops and trainings for students, young people and adults, applying innovative approaches, positive practices and experiences, collaborating with European and international institutions in the fields of education, environment, sport, and culture.

Composed by a motivated and dynamic team, it is an organisation focused on the development of training and education activities, but also specialised in consultancy services for project management, from design to implementation.

The Association for European education and mobility AMETA carries out various activities on local, national and international level addressing not only young people but also all members of the European society.

We believe that by working with training and education we are making societies stronger, contributing to employability, prosperity and safeguarding the integrity of future generations.

Our mission is to: educate, research, analyze and initiate actions, create, coordinate and manage European projects that will influence and contribute to the development of education, science, environment, culture and social life.

The strategic goals of the Association for European education and mobility AMETA are: to provide education and open cooperation with all individuals actively working to promote and enhance the learning and professional development process, as well as active participation in society through project implementation and networking with national stakeholders and international organizations with common activities.

One of the main objectives of The Association for European education and mobility AMETA is to increase intercultural dialogue and cooperation among European citizens focusing on human rights and equal opportunities, to raise awareness of youth activism and active European citizenship, solidarity, tolerance and social inclusion.

Our activities are mainly focused on EDUCATION AND TRAINING.

Through the education, training and cooperation with international educational institutions our activities are focusing on: strengthening personal, social, linguistic and professional development; initiatives and development projects related to many aspects of European co-operation, including issues such as labor market, (non) employment, youth, gender equality, vocational guidance, internships, transversal skills, interculturalism entrepreneurship; promoting and enhancing digital inclusion, digital competences in non-formal education, future job skills, adult education and digital skills; developing professional and leadership skills among young citizens; promoting non-formal education and encouraging the creation of youth support systems at national and international level.

Although it’s young, The Association for European education and mobility AMETA works hard to improve the process of education, to establish better communication between citizens, open and tolerant relationships with people, to implement new innovative methodology and tools in the process of formal and non-formal education, to become an international organisation in terms of offering training to students who would become European citizens aware of the diversities, confident and ready to actively participate in the society.