The Project’s Outputs will support:

– an educational organisation’s transition to a distance/hybrid learning model based on digital and cloud tools
– the decision making relating to the set of digital tools and platforms to be used
– the competence framework for educators and students to make a successful transition
– the proper combination of resources that will facilitate and support an effective and efficient learning process
– the adaptation of educational content to be exploitable in a digital learning environment
– enhance the collaboration, communication, organisation and planning processes with the use of digital tools

The Project Outputs are:

Output 1: Development of a competence framework to facilitate a swift to a distance/hybrid learning model
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Output 2: Set of digital cloud tools and guidance on the digitalisation of the educational content to facilitate the learning process
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Output 3: Educational Organisation’s readiness towards a swift to Digital Learning Certification
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Other results/deliverable are:

D1 easy-to-read infographics about available digital tools and comparisons between them
D2 report on available open-source platforms that provide a combination of available digital tools able to be used in parallel
D3 Contingency plan and Quality Assurance Evaluation report
D4 Exploitation Plan