Prof. Ivan Apostolov Private English Language School

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Prof. Ivan Apostolov is a private English Language School whose mission is to train and educate a new generation of young people who will be living in a new global world. There are 350 students and 50 teachers working at the school. With English as the primary language of instruction, Prof. Ivan Apostolov School offers a rigorous core curriculum, enriched by an array of elective courses and extra-curricular activities. Since school year 2017/2018 the school works as Innovative school with new curriculum and teaching models with developed and implemented new subjects: Personal development, Ethnography, Social anthropology and project-based and experiential learning following the cross-disciplinary approach. This innovation was initiated to implement Design thinking and STEAM education.

The school is now establishing a STEAM career center to encourage and support students applying to universities and developing career in this field. It is also modernizing its premises including a new science lab as one of the main target groups are students interested in Medical studies and pharmacy. Environmental issues and climate change are part of the lesson plans of our science subjects and students work on various experiments and projects.

There are interactive and creativity rooms already where students do their projects, classes and extra-curricular activities. The school is currently a partner in project STEAME integrating Entrepreneurship to STEAM.

Our students have already developed small – scale digital projects within STEAME and present them to their peers, parents, visiting schools, etc. Every year we work with start-ups who present cases and challenges to students in their IT and entrepreneurship classes. Students in 10th and 11th grades are offered summer internships in IT as well.

Their digital skills are further developed by the use of various methods and tools including Chrome books, Smart boards, cloud-based resources in their classes. Even before COVID-19 we have implemented such approaches as flipped classroom, blended learning and gamification so our colleagues are well aware and capable of applying digital technologies to their classes.

Now we are willing to broaden the scope and give them opportunity for EU-wide exposure and real hands-on experience with other countries.