VoiceThread is a presentation and storytelling tool for the web, iOS, Android, and Chrome. It provides users a platform to create and share media projects that incorporate video, image, voice, text, and drawing. There’s a VoiceThread product for a broader consumer audience and one for educators called Ed.VoiceThread. Ed.VoiceThread offers a more secure environment.

Types of use

·   Communication

·   Storage

·   Content Development

Indicative use in the classroom

Teachers can use this tool to engage their students in learning through storytelling, developed with the use of VoiceThread and also ask students to make their own videos as part of an assignment (e.g., make a virtual astronaut to explain to other students what speed a space rocket should reach to put a space bus in orbit).

Open access

·   Free access: limitation in the file size to be uploaded, the slides per Voice Thread, creation of groups, etc.

·   Paid plans: offers paid plans with fewer limitations

Link to digital tool/platform: https://voicethread.com/