3rd Transnational Project Meeting – Sofia, Bulgaria

The third transnational project meeting was organised by Prof. Ivan Apostolov Private English Language School and held at its premises in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 13th January 2023. Representatives from all partner organisations were present, either physically or on-line, and had the opportunity to discuss and collaborate in order to decide on how to proceed with ongoing project activities.

Partners elaborated on the implementation of the project’s ongoing results, and more specifically, for Result 2, on how to proceed with finalising the pending infographics and releasing the guide for teacher on how to rapidly digitalise their learning content, whereas, for result 3, partners finalised the certification process before the testing in partner and associated partner schools.

In parallel, the project consortium discussed about administrative and project promotion issues and forthcoming activities.

The next and final project meeting has been planned for March, and will take place in London.