Edpuzzle offers the user the ability to develop his/her own video or use an existing one as part of delivering a lesson. The platform provides the user with statistics in relation to who has watched the video, which part exactly did they watch and how many times, etc.

Types of use

·   Content Development

·   Assessment

Indicative use in the classroom

Teachers may use edpuzzle to introduce video lectures to their students when in an on-line educational process to allow them to be reintroduced to the context of the lesson at their own pace as many times as they wish. Teachers would have access to data that will allow them to see if multiple students watched a specific part of the lesson again, allowing them to focus on this topic in one of the following teaching hours, if needed.

Open access

·   Free access: limitations on the number of student projects, puzzles, etc.

·   Paid plans: fewer limitations to the number of student projects, puzzles, etc. and some additional features (e.g., screen recording).

Link to digital tool/platform: https://edpuzzle.com/