Padlet is like paper on the screen. Starting with an empty page and then putting whatever the user likes on it. Possibility to upload a video, record an interview, snap a selfie, write one’s own text posts or upload documents, and watch padlet come to life. The Padlet app makes it easy to collaborate in any setting.

Types of use

·   Collaboration

·   Communication

·   Content Development

Indicative use in the classroom

Padlet is used as a digital board that students may access at the same time and add text, images, links, etc. just as if they were adding self-stick note pads on any board. Each student may see the notes of others, synchronously, from the moment they start creating them.

Open access

·   Free access: limitations on the number of padlets, storage space and team working feature

·   Paid plans: fewer limitations on the number of padlets and storage space and includes plan with an active team working feature

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