Mentimeter is a presentation tool that uses quizzes, polls and word clouds to help engage students better in education. Mentimeter combines the digital tools of quizzes, polls, and word clouds to offer a central point for class and remote learning interactions. Essentially, this is a super powerful presentation tool for

Types of use

·   Assessment

Indicative use in the classroom

Mentimeter is commonly used integrated into presentations. Students use it when they want to capture the opinion of the audience while presenting most often as part of a project that was assigned to them aiming to use the Mentimeter results as part of the content of their final project. Teachers may use Mentimeter to record students’ opinion and/or feelings during a physical or on-line lesson.

Open access

·   Free access: number of slides and quizzes limit

·   Paid plans: more or unlimited questions, numbers of slides and quizzes

Link to digital tool/platform: