Prezi offers a visual storytelling software alternative to traditional slide-based presentation formats. Prezi presentations feature a map-like overview that lets users pan between topics, zoom in on details, and pull back to reveal context. Prezi Video is integrated with popular video chat platforms and communication tools; it can be used in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Slack, Facebook, GoToWebinar and Webex. Teachers were the quickest audience to adopt Prezi Video, and by April 2020 Prezi had teachers in 175 countries using Prezi Video in their virtual classrooms. Prezi Video received a 2020 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning Magazine.

Types of use

·   Communication

·   Storage

·   Content Development

Indicative use in the classroom

Prezi can be used by the teacher to develop a visual storytelling presentation offering added presentation features to make it more interactive and motivating for students. Additionally, teacher can engage their students in using Prezi in the context of learning activities (e.g., use Prezi to make a presentation for your project).

Open access

·   Free access: basic features only available

·   Paid plans: additional features such as use of videos of unlimited length, file exportation features, etc.

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